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If you are a new trader who is looking for a way to learn about the intricacies of the forex market, you are probably looking for a mentor to help you. But the question remains what kind of forex mentor should you be looking for? Goodness knows, there are seemingly infinite amount of forex mentors out there, so it's important that you get this right.

There are a couple of things wrong with many of the forex mentors. First off, many people proclaim themselves "mentors" when they are not. Best Forex Training Mentor By Vladimir Ribakov are salesman. You can spot this when they tell you that, if you learn from them you will be able to make hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars within the first month of trading with them. You should know that this is utter nonsense. That is just not realistic.

Another problem with a lot of mentors is that they rely strictly on the using of indicators. This is usually a bad sign. The truth is the majority of the successful traders in the forex market prefer not to use trading indicators. Most of them trade using price action as their main way of deciding when to buy and sell.

Price action is as old as the stock market itself. It is like the bread and butter of floor traders. They like to study the behaviors of the price patterns to depict true support and resistance areas. These are the kind of forex mentors you should be looking for.

If your contemplating entering the FX markets or have all ready been investing for a while and are not making enough to make you happy then I can tell one of the best investments you will EVER make in your entire life is to acquire a Forex mentor.

There are a few exceptional Forex mentoring programs on the internet which I will tell you about below that are instructing by professional currency investors that will teach you everything from the basic concepts to the most advanced trading techniques.

1) Straight Forex:

Straight Forex mentoring program is where the large international investment banks and brokerage firms specializing in the currency markets send there employees to learn Forex trading at its highest level. Do I have to say any more, really how much STRONGER of an endorsement can you possibly ever receive about any type of training program than that.

2) The Forex Brotherhood:

I personally have been a member of The Forex Brotherhood since its inception and remain a member to this day. As a professional Forex trader for over ten years, I really don't require any additional review courses. But, I always purchase and review all new Forex products, whether they are currency trading software or training programs.

Any little extra edge that will add to my profits is always appreciated. I reviewed there learning materials and found them more than satisfactory. The reason I stay a member is I am permitted to trade the instructors exact same investment portfolio.

This is just one more way for me to make good money in the market without having to do to much work. So, not only will you receive a great Forex education, if you invest in his trading recommendations it will more than pay for the course and put profit in your pocket depending on how much you invest.

3) Fap Winner:

Fap Winner is a Forex mentoring program that has been around for quite a while and has a ton of ex-students that swear by the classes. They offer you a customized approach to receiving your education and also set up a trading technique program based on your individual risk tolerance level and your investment capacity. Pretty cool, to say the least.

You will have numerous one on one learning and trading sessions with the profession investors that teach the classes. If you play your cards right and invest your own funds, which you are permitted to do in the trading sessions, more than likely the profits from these sessions alone will pay for the classes.

There you have it, three of the best Forex mentors you are going to find any where. If you are serious about making money in the currency markets, then these programs will certainly provide you a very solid foundation to build on.

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